February 05, 2022

As the housing sector grapples with widespread affordability and supply issues, an alternative is gaining ground: Manufactured homes.

Brand new manufactured home kitchen with stainless steel appliances

What Do Mobile Homes Look Like Inside?

January 20, 2022

Chances are, you know approximately what the exterior of a manufactured home looks like. Manufactured homes are a popular source of housing today, and most people see them at least once in a while during times they are out and about.

Coastal manufactured home community streetview with ocean in background

What You Need to Know: Your Buying a Mobile Home Checklist

January 12, 2022

So, you’ve decided to buy a manufactured home, or you think that it might be a good option for you. You’re making a great choice—manufactured homes offer tons of advantages in price, features, and quality, and they’ve helped millions of Americans to become independent homeowners.

Desert manufactured home community streetview with new homes and pebble yards

9 Manufactured Home Facts You May Not Know

January 01, 2022

In the age of the internet and social media, fact, and fiction can often blur together. And, when it comes to manufactured homes, there’s always been plenty of misinformation floating around

Manufactured home green streetscape with corner streetlamp

Top 10 Reasons Why People Love Their Manufactured Homes

December 15, 2021

There are many reasons why people opt for mobile homes over stick-built construction. Whether it’s for the savings, privacy, or the ability to simply call someplace “home”, mobile homes are a great choice for millennials, boomers, and those in between.

New blue manufactured home with green grass and landscaping

So, What Makes a Great Manufactured Home?

November 10, 2021

You might think that all manufactured homes are the same, but the reality is that the styles and amenities they offer have gotten much more sophisticated in recent years. Nowadays, the seemingly endless options can be difficult to sort through if you’re not quite sure what makes them different.

Manufactured home with article title overlaid

Important Mobile Home Definitions You’ll Want to Know

October 04, 2021

Like any other specialized area of knowledge, the world of manufactured and mobile homes has terms that might be unfamiliar to a newcomer. For those who are buying, selling, or currently owning a manufactured home, it’s important to know the key terms and definitions of our industry.

Couple looking at blueprints holding a laptop

Mobile Home Sizes and Dimensions: How Big Are They?

August 31, 2021

It can be difficult to get an idea of how big a manufactured home is without seeing the home in person or having a visual reference. But the size of a manufactured home is critical information, as it affects how the home is moved and how it fits onto its lot.

Manufactured home infographic with definition

What Is a Manufactured Home?

August 25, 2021

You’ll often hear the term “mobile home” used to refer to many homes that are actually manufactured homes. It’s usually an innocent mistake, today, they are very different from pre-1976 mobile homes.

Wicker patio furniture and set table

Mobile Home Patios: What You Need to Know

August 19, 2021

Adding a patio is a great way to provide some added flair to your home’s backyard, not to mention make a great space for entertaining your family and friends while grilling up a nice dinner.

Stock photo of calculator, coins, and graphs

Four Financial Benefits of Living in a Mobile Home

August 05, 2021

Mobile home buyers can save some serious coin versus traditional homes, and this can come in handy for the financially conscious.

Corner lot manufactured home with fresh landscaping

Is Manufactured Housing Right for You?

July 21, 2021

Whether you are buying your first house, a starter home for your family, or your forever home in retirement, most are looking for a way to save on their home buying costs.

New manufactured home with garage and porch

What Makes Manufactured Homes Cheaper Than Site-Built Homes?

July 07, 2021

As housing prices continue to rise, people are increasingly looking for alternatives to building traditional single-family homes.

Golf course image with golf cart

The 8 Most Scenic States for Manufactured Home Living

July 01, 2021

It’s no secret that manufactured homes can sit next to some of the most beautiful, scenic views out there.

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